Thursday, July 23, 2009

What?? An update??

Hey to all of you who keep checking the blog! We took a long break from updating this... Mommy has been a very dedicated graduate student this year, and has had to focus her attention on her schooling. Daddy may or may not (??) be aware that we have a family blog, and thus has not taken on that role. As Mommy's graduation approaches in August, so do hopes of providing more updates about our little family. How is Phoebe, you ask? In a word : TWO.

She is using representative play, and often creates an imaginary world full of the most delicious foods and farm animals. She often approaches her parents with cupped hands asking, "Do you want some choc-o-late?" Which must be eaten immediately in order to avoid tantrum breakdown. There are often invisible cows and billy-goats in her room. In order to request their leave, you have to ask nicely, in "cow" or "billy-goat" by saying moo-moo-moo (etc.) or baa-baa-baa. She also has created a very nice community of imaginary friends: Duke, Boop, and Eewee. They live in her belly and fit in the palm of her hand. Duke loves to swing on her swingset in the back yard, Eewee likes to hang out in the 'clubhouse' of the swingset and go down the slide, and Boop likes it when Mommy holds her. She will gladly introduce you to them by lifting up her shirt, taking them 'out' of her belly, and handing them to you. She has several baby dolls, named: Tuna, Angelina, Mini, and Burrito. Whenever the dog needs a walk, inevitably one of the baby dolls must come along in her toy baby stroller. All is well when leaving the house, but upon return to the house, whichever adult is supervising the walk usually ends up carrying the dog's leash, the plastic bag of poop, Phoebe, the baby doll, and said stroller.

Potty-training is a major deal for Phoebe because the docs told us in the NICU that there was no way to predict whether she would have enough control over the muscles in her bottom to control the liquid stool that her body produces. So far, expectations have been exceeded. She's going pee pee and poo poo on the potty during the day like a champ. No accidents in 5 days.

Hugs and Kisses! Thanks for checking in!