Sunday, July 29, 2007

Phoebe just wanted to say, "AHHHHHHH!" to you all. That's Phoebe for, "Hi!" Really, she's been VERY vocal. Phoebe loves to experiment with her voice, and is not shy about doing it loudly. It is hysterical. Phoebe has started to laugh, especially at MamaGay's pretend sneezing, and is rolling over from back to front.

In medical news, Phoebe's situation continues to improve. She had advanced on her feeds each week and has gone down on her TPN. It looks like she may have some major diet changes this week. The docs have been suggesting that we will be starting solid foods this week, and switching her TPN to just fluids. This is all in preparation for eliminating her Broviac line. We have been told that there is a strong possibility that the Broviac will be removed at the end of the summer.

Phoebe and Dad talk shop about the latest conducting techniques.

Cate, Phoebe, Cousin Loudon, Uncle Chris, Cousin Evan

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