Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sitsy Mac Sits-up-herself

Saturday morning, we could hear that Phoebe was awake. She wasn't crying, but she was making her playing sounds. We could also hear that she was playing with her aquarium (the white and aqua thing by her feet). We expected to see her spinning the little toy on it with her hands...but she was facing the opposite direction than she had been placed, and she was watching her foot as she spun the toy while chewing on her binky. Wiggle monster!
One of these mornin's, you're gonna wake up smilin'...Guess who's sitting?!
Teething brings out the maniac in the best of us.


Linda said...

Oh, MAN! Phoebe looks like such a big girl sitting up like that! Wow. The girls are growing up faster that you can say "cliche"! : )

Cate said...

:oD LOL. Didn't EVERYone tell us that? I suppose it must be funny to other more seasoned parents that we are genuinely surprised that they really DO grow up so fast.