Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Crazy Dayzie

Phoebe gave Mommy quite a scare this afternoon. When Mommy was changing her Broviac dressing (the bandage around the site where her IV enters under her skin on her chest), Phoebe's hand found the Broviac line and gave it a big yank. Even though her arms had been secured at her sides, she wiggled her way out. She screamed- it must have hurt! Phoebe pulled out the line about an eighth of an inch. After a flurry of phone calls and a visit from one of Phoebe's nurses, everyone agreed that Phoebe and the Broviac were fine. Phew! After Mommy calmed down, Phoebe took a long nap and Mommy found a great deal on diapers online with free shipping. Phoebe woke up with big smiles on her face. Like nothing ever happened. As we have said since Phoebe was born, the thing that sustains us the most is her incredibly happy disposition.
So now you know why there are no new pictures today, but here's one from last week.

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denise said...

Is that Matt's picture you put up? They look like twins. I love it