Thursday, June 21, 2007

Phoebe went to see the GI specialist on Wednesday. Things looked good again, so they're "upping her feeds". She gets five more milliliters of milk in each bottle, and fewer calories in her TPN. She's on TPN for twelve hours a day, now, and it is working out great. She goes on at 8pm and comes off at 8 am, which lines up with when she normally gets a bottle. So we don't have to wake her up more than we already do!

Gotcha! Phoebe is really into feeling different textures with her fingers. She loves to touch her super soft stuffed animals.

Ooooh, shiny! We'll make a musician out of her, no doubt, but maybe not a saxophonist. Phoebe had a great time looking at Daddy's saxophone. She made a sour face and cried when she heard it a few seconds later.

Milestone caught on camera! Phoebe holds her head up when on her tummy!

A neat picture of Phoebe at her first protest. Phoebe and Mommy joined Daddy in marching with the teacher's union for a better contract. The main issues were health insurance and reasonable salary increases. Phoebe believes in keeping insurance premiums low, while maintaining the ability to choose quality providers and stay with the docs she knows and loves. She truly is a spirited and independent young woman.

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Ericka said...

I love that she went to her first protest already! Maybe she'll grow up to be an activist hero.