Sunday, June 17, 2007

Westborough Welcome

Some of Phoebe's biggest cheerleaders threw her a party this weekend. The hostess opened her home and back yard to the crowd...lucky us that the rain held off! Here she is digging into the chocolate-heath bar-whipped cream yumminess, along with the impressive spread of treats.

Bodie (the dog) scanned the yard for abandoned crumbs, promising to deposit them in the appropriate receptacle... his TUMMY! The people enjoyed refreshing lemonade in the shade.

Hanging out with the big kids.

She's a natural!

Let's we have a future pianist?

Enjoying the edible arrangement here, but it looks like the brownies were pretty good, too. mmmm!

"Hey, Phoebe, you should try the brownies. They're right over there."

Awww...hand-made chocolate rattle and diaper pin pops!

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Grandma Louise said...

Hi kids,
I loved the pictures of the Westborough Welcome. How thoughtful of the parents to host a party in Phoebe's honor. It looks like Phoebe fit right in. What a sweetheart!
Love ya,