Monday, June 4, 2007

Rainy day

I'm glad you found the new site. I feel much better about this address.

Phoebe loves her homecare nurse, Kathy. They always have a great time together. Other than Kathy being here during the day today, it was a pretty regular day at home. It was raining (torrential downpours at times), which made things interesting...

Boomer rang his bell to tell us he had to go potty, so I got Phoebe all ready in her Bjorn and covered us both with my raincoat... a process that takes about 10 minutes. When Boomer realized it was raining, he decided he'd rather hold it. We were so darn adorable I thought I'd at least get a picture! After we took the picture, Boomer changed his mind. Silly doggie.

Don't rainy days make you want to cuddle up and nap away the afternoon?


Linda said...

You ARE adorable!!! I'm glad you could (mostly) stay in and enjoy the rainy day. Good job on the new blog! Have a good week and kiss Phoebe for us. -L, G, and R

The Hayes Family said...

Hey kids, love the rainy day pictures! With school almost out we can't wait to come visit, boys and all. This is my first time blogging, how 'my doin!? Jeez does she look like daddy or what!?
Love ya lots

Ericka said...

She looks so sweet sleeping.